Gilder Partners for Growth, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor that offers a family office approach to investment. Our firm is based in Raleigh, NC. Emphasizing multi-generational capital growth rather than capital preservation, our firm invests across a variety of liquid and illiquid asset classes; expresses high-conviction themes over various holding periods; and utilizes third-party investment managers as appropriate. In addition, we work with families on addressing the issues and opportunities that families with substantial wealth often face.


Gilder Partners for Growth, LLC serves families who want the benefits of a customized, in-house investment platform and/or family office infrastructure, and who find themselves in one or more of the following scenarios:

An anticipated liquidity event from the sale of a core family asset, or from a generational transfer A desire to diversify key investment relationships to reduce key-person risk, or to add an asset class with which the family has limited or no experience Dissatisfaction with an existing investment relationship due to improperly aligned interests, insufficient expertise, inability to specifically tailor investment offerings to the family’s needs, or investment performance.
Dissolution of an existing family office or shift to outsourcing the investment function Difficulty justifying the challenge and expense of establishing a family office A lack of sufficient expertise, time, energy or interest required to establish and maintain a family office

In addition, our clients demonstrate:

A moderate to high risk tolerance and return expectation and a philosophical orientation toward longterm growth rather than preservation An interest in educating the next generation to develop financial literacy and fostering deeper family connection (and unity) The ability to commit at least $50 million in investable assets to a unique, customized investment platform